Course: Pediatric Dengue Vaccination Dialogues

Course: Pediatric Dengue Vaccination Dialogues

Welcome to our comprehensive e-learning course on Pediatric Dengue Vaccination Dialogues! This engaging workshop is tailored for healthcare practitioners seeking to enhance their skills in addressing parental concerns and recommendations regarding Dengue fever vaccination in pediatric patients.

Through immersive modules, participants will gain a deep understanding of Dengue management advancements, effective communication strategies, and motivational interviewing techniques. Learn to navigate challenging conversations with empathy and clarity, ultimately contributing to improved public health efforts.

Join us to expand your expertise and confidence in guiding critical discussions on Dengue vaccination. Enroll now to embark on this transformative learning journey!

This is a CME/CPD accredited activity.
Number of credits: 1


Course Outline

1. Advancements in Dengue Management

  • Expert presentation on Dengue prevention and vaccination strategies.
  • Quiz assessment to test understanding.

2. Identifying Parental Concerns

  • Exploration of common concerns and effective communication strategies.
  • Assessment quiz on parental concerns.

3. Motivational Interview

  • Introduction to motivational interviewing techniques.
  • Steps to build trust, utilize open-ended questions, and respond to questions effectively.
  • Assessment quiz on motivational interviewing.

4. Case Study – Practice and Learn

  • Interactive case scenarios to apply knowledge and decision-making skills.

5. Common Concerns Addressed by Experts

  • Expert insights on addressing common questions and misconceptions.

6. Key Takeaways

  • Summarization of key learnings and actionable insights.