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Young WSPID (YWSPID) – dynamic, global and the current and next generation of pediatric infectious disease (Peds ID) professionals and pediatricians.

We are passionate about child health locally and regionally but keenly aware that there is a bigger picture. Hence, we choose to come together at a global level to network, exchange experiences and ideas, address disparities, and celebrate successes.

Since the WSPID 2019 meeting in Manila, a YWSPID Founding Committee is working hard as the founding group to start the YWSPID initiative. The first formal YWSPID Core Committee will be elected during the next WSPID congress when the formal YWSPID launch will take place.

From a WSPID perspective, ensuring that young and early-career Peds ID professionals are part of the society narrative has a two-fold benefit:

  1. Utilizing the energy and ideas from young and early-career members and having them participate in all society activities while developing initiatives that cater specifically to this audience.
  2. Transferring the experience and knowledge of senior and other YWSPID members through mentorship and nurturing of those starting out in this exciting medical field.

WSPID sees itself connecting the dots, building on the strengths that individuals bring during different stages of their careers and channeling this to benefit the global pediatric community. This, in turn, impacts the health and well-being of children and their families wherever they live in the world.



WSPID is creating an international Peds ID Network and there will be two categories within this network.

  1.  YWSPID category: Open to infectious disease specialists/pediatricians, clinical officers, and other professions working in the peds ID field, who are < 45 years and/or ≤5 years from qualifying as a pediatrician/peds ID subspecialist/PhD.


YWSPID Membership benefits will include:

  • Access to WSPID’s online education portal.
  • Invitation to the YWSPID AGM.
  • Invitation to the YWSPID networking event during WSPID’s biennial congress.
  • Eligibility to apply for travel grants.



The YWSPID Founding Committee has decided to focus on several key WSPID priorities.

  1. WSPID Online Portal Taskforce – a collaboration between YWSPID and the WSPID Education Committee, who are working to develop and create online educational content for the launch of WSPID’s online portal.
  2. YW Mentorship Taskforce – this program’s mission is to promote the professional development of young and early-career clinicians, researchers, whether they are trainees, Ph.D. students, junior Peds ID faculty, general practitioners, pediatricians, nurses, or advanced practice providers, with emphasis on serving those practicing in low resource settings. This task force will work to enable the development of a long-term mentoring relationship to promote career development and collaboration and provide individual support/advice on career opportunities for the mentee.
  3. YWSPID 2021 Webinars – YWSPID members will be tasked with the organisation of selected WSPID webinars each year.



  • The YWSPID Core Committee will be the voice of young and early-career pediatric infectious disease specialists and pediatricians within WSPID and advancing the goals and mission of WSPID.
  • The YWSPID Core Committee Membership criteria is the same as for the YWSPID membership. The YWSPID Core Committee will be chosen from among the YWSPID membership.
  • YWSPID Core Committee members will have the opportunity to serve a 2-year term with the possibility to renew for an additional 2 years subject to their willingness and the approval of the WSPID Board.
  • The YWSPID Core Committee reports to the WSPID Board.


YWSPID Founding Committee Members

We are pleased to introduce the YWSPID Founding Committee Members:

  • Lilly Verhagen – Chair (The Netherlands)
  • Rosemary Olivero – Co-Chair (USA)
  • Juan Pablo Torres (Chile)
  • Daniel Jarovsky (Brazil)
  • Nele Alders (Belgium)
  • Grant Mackenzie (The Gambia)
  • Irina Bercholc (Mexico)
  • Nathalie MacDermott (UK)
  • Brendan McMullan (Australia)
  • Mulugeta Naizgi Gabremichael (Ethiopia)
  • Harsha Lochan (South Africa)
  • Tinsae Alemayehu (Ethiopia)
  • Solomie Jebessa (Ethiopia)
  • Julie Copelyn (South Africa)
  • Edward Sylvester Sunday (Nigeria)
  • Ayobami Oyetunji Alabi (Nigeria)
  • Aishatu Muhammed Jibril (Nigeria)
  • Regina Oladokun (Nigeria)
  • Joycelyn Dame (Ghana)
  • Tafadzwa Nyamukapa (Zimbabwe)
  • Justin Ho (The Philippines)
  • Mehreen Arshad (USA)
  • Devika Dixit (Canada)
  • Sonia Qureshi (Pakistan)
  • Phoebe Williams (Australia)
  • Linny Kimly Phuong (Australia)
  • Kelly Marquez Herrera (Colombia)