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Virtual Case Study: Challenges in Care and Management of Meningoencephalitis

This interactive educational activity presents an evolving patient case with a number of questions to test your diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Optimal Management of Pediatric Dengue: Understanding Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Vector Control, and Immunization

This eLearning course provides a comprehensive overview of Pediatric dengue fever, a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in many parts of the world.

WSPID Virtual Case Study: Dengue Fever in an Adolescent Girl

Welcome to this virtual patient case study. In this interactive activity, you will explore an evolving patient case and be presented with several questions about the optimal treatment choice. Immediate feedback is provide based on your answer choice. Use the menu on the left hand side to access the sections in this activity.


Witness medical advancements as we gather doctors and researchers from across the globe. Our monthly live events and interactive webinars offer a front-row seat to the latest breakthroughs shaping the future of pediatric infectious disease management.

Journal Club December 2023

December's Journal Club session will discuss Routine HIV Testing and Counseling related to maternal HIV. With Dr. Maria Lelis Palmares and Prof. Thanyawee Puthanakit.

Tackling Tuberculosis: Advancing Strategies for Treatment and Prevention

Dive into key topics: ``Optimizing TB Treatment`` and ``Emerging Trends in TB Research.`` Uncover insights on pediatric TB burden, treatment strategies, and prevention. Don't miss this expert-led session!

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