WSPID Journal Scans

WSPID Journal Scans

The WSPID Education Committee is proud to announce a new initiative; the WSPID Journal Scans. This monthly spotlight on scientific literature aims to bring forth the most impactful research in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, curated by the discerning eyes of our esteemed WSPID Education Committee. Let’s embark on a journey through three seminal articles that promise to broaden our understanding and fortify our approach to the challenges in our field.

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In the spirit of “PID Journal Scans,” we encourage you to actively participate in shaping the discourse within our WSPID community. Your perspectives and expertise are invaluable. If there are articles in the field of Pediatric Infectious Diseases that you believe should be highlighted and shared with the global PID community, we invite you to contribute. Share your recommended articles with us through the email bellow, and let your insights become a part of the monthly spotlight in our “PID Journal Scan” series. Together, we can build a comprehensive and up-to-date resource that enriches the knowledge and practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Stay tuned for more enlightening insights in the months to come!

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