Conquering Meningitis and Encephalitis: A Resounding Success!

Conquering Meningitis and Encephalitis: A Resounding Success!

We are thrilled to announce that our recent educational event, “Conquering Meningitis and Encephalitis: Management & Prevention Challenges in Bacterial and Viral Cases,” held on July 26, 2023, has garnered overwhelming positive feedback from healthcare professionals specializing in infectious diseases, neurology, critical care, and pediatrics.

🔍 Event Highlights: This unique opportunity allowed participants to delve into the intricacies of managing and preventing bacterial meningitis and viral encephalitis, two critical conditions in pediatric infectious diseases. Our esteemed panel of experts delivered a comprehensive program, including didactic lectures, interactive case studies, and a dedicated Q&A session, fostering an engaging and collaborative learning experience.

💡 Learning Objectives: The event’s core objectives were to:

  1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of bacterial meningitis and viral encephalitis, while understanding their differences.
  2. Evaluate current management and prevention strategies and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Explore complexities in diagnosing and managing CNS infections caused by various pathogens and non-infectious factors, with practical strategies for optimizing patient outcomes.
  4. Analyze a compelling case study from South-east Asia, gaining practical knowledge for managing and preventing meningitis and encephalitis in resource-limited settings.

👩‍💼 Expert Speakers: We were privileged to have Dr. Josephine Ng share her expertise during the didactic presentation and the captivating case study from South-east Asia. Her insights and reflections, along with those of our esteemed moderators, Professor Shai Ashkenazi and Dr Eduardo Lopez further enriched the learning experience.

🌟 Audience Engagement: Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in interactive polls and the Q&A session, contributing to robust discussions and knowledge exchange among peers and experts.

📚 Continuing Education: Missed the live event? The recording is already available soon on our portal, giving you the opportunity to catch up on this invaluable educational session. Click here to access the recorded session.

🎓 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, speakers, and collaborators who made this event a tremendous success. Together, we continue to advance knowledge and patient care in the field of pediatric infectious diseases.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events and enriching opportunities! Let’s continue our journey of learning and collaboration.

WSPID Education Committee

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