NEW! Podcast “Syndromic Insights: Navigating Pediatric Infectious Diagnostics”

NEW! Podcast “Syndromic Insights: Navigating Pediatric Infectious Diagnostics”

Syndromic Insights is a podcast from the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases, where we translate real learning from real cases to help you master best practices in syndromic testing. Hosts Dr. Alicia Chang and Dr. Linny Phuong are joined each episode by an expert guest to explore a topic, typically from the perspective of a case study, and delve into the diagnostic decisions.




Episode 1: A pediatrician’s guide to point-of-care syndromic testing
“Unlocking the potential of syndromic testing in pediatrics: benefits, applications, and interpretation.”
Guest: Dr Alfred Tam, Hong Kong

Episode 2: Consequences of hRHV infection and co-infections in young infants
“Exploring the impact of human rhinovirus and co-infections in infants: diagnostic challenges and tools.”
Guest: Dr Jaime Fergie, USA

Episode 3: First Line Syndromic Testing for Gastrointestinal Infections – Clinical Utility for Pediatric Patients
“Understanding the clinical utility of first line syndromic testing for gastrointestinal infections in pediatric patients.”
Guest: Dr Hyun Mi Kang

Episode 4: Syndromic Signals: Anticipating Future Health Threats
“Utilizing syndromic testing technology to predict and prevent future health threats.”
Guests: Prof Nicolette Du Plessis & Dr Kevin Messacar

This podcast is supported by an educational grant from BioMerieux