Educational Content

WSPID will focus on creating and promoting further educational initiatives, in addition to its already long-standing commitment to knowledge transfer through WSPID’s biennial conference.  

The WSPID Board has initiated an Education Committee who has been tasked with producing and vetting a curriculum that focuses on professional learning and education to the benefit of our members and the pediatric infectious disease community at large. WSPID’s educational content will be made available on our website as it becomes available. 

WSPID Education Committee


​Interim Chairs (Jan-Dec 2017)
Dave Burgner, ANZPID
Jim Buttery, ANZPID
Shai Ashkenazi, ESPID
Committee members
Brian Eley, ​AfPIDS 
Salvacion Gatchalian, ASPID
Andi Shane, PIDS
Enrique Gutiérrez Saravia, SLIPE