• To promote a global exchange among people who have special experience and/or interest in the field   of pediatric infectious diseases (PID): these activities consist of teaching and training including exchange appointments and collaborative research.
  • To promote the growth of pediatric ID Societies in lower income/developing countries and to promote the study and teaching of infectious diseases in those countries.
  • To organize a 2-yearly scientific meeting, (the World Congress for Pediatric Infectious Diseases), to facilitate global exchange of knowledge and science. These meetings should be preferably organized in regions that can assemble colleagues of less economically developed countries for whom otherwise chosen sites would involve long distance trips and high travel costs.
  • To create a global network of PID societies for exchange of information and knowledge between the societies.
  • To facilitate communication between societies by installing a WSPID website for general information, discussion and active input of each participating society and for sharing of educational resources between member societies.
  • To be an overall institution for cooperation with other national and international organizations (Societies, Committees, Agencies, the Industry, Congress Organizers).